3 Factors for Keeping Employees

3 Factors for Keeping Employees

When we’re brought onto a new job search, the first thing my team asks is whether this is a realistic search or not.  We’re just asking ourselves if the overall variables seem to be in line with the market and whether there is a shot in hell for us to find the diamond in the rough. These same factors often play a large role in why previous employees has left the company in the first place and could lend an explanation as to why any future candidate could leave sooner than later.

In my opinion, these are the top items that must be in alignment in order to keep or hire a long-term employee:



a. 99% of the time we’ll be brought into a search and we’ll take a look at the job req to find requirements that are not in alignment.  If you want a VP level candidate, and all of your job specifications spell this out with 15+ years of experience etc., then you need to make sure you’re total compensation package is right.  If you want to hire the best candidates, sometimes you’ll have to make sure that a compensation increase is in line for them to move companies.  Alternatively, you could offer a better corporate culture, remote work option, or some secret sauce that makes your company way more tantalizing than the others.

b. Alternatively, if you can’t lure a top talent to come over then you might be best served by finding that person’s number 2–you know, the person that really does all the work to make sure the VP gets it all done. That person could be director level and has most of the experience, just not the opportunity yet to assume the role. Now that I said it, this will directly conflict with your job req so you’ll want to consider using the job req as a guideline instead. I can’t tell you how many companies end up hiring an up-and-comer as opposed to the person already at the level, but it’s something to consider.


a. Companies must use supply and demand as a basis to determine a market rate for any position they’re seeking to fill.  The more constrained parameters, the less supply you’ll have to pick from.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as you’ll want someone with experience in your industry, your software platform, a preferred methodology, perhaps an Ivy League education or whatever it might be that will ensure their success at your company.  But the more filters you put on the search, the smaller the pool of candidates and the more compelling your company and/or it’s offer will have to be for them to consider a change.

b. Candidates don’t like to move around a lot, but they also operate in a fluid marketplace and if they are underpaid, under appreciated, overworked or something else is causing grief, they will be open to hear about other opportunities.  Just be sure that your opportunity has something that others might not offer and/or your offer is strong enough so in a year when your competitor comes knocking on their door they will feel happy to turn them away and stay with you.


Employees Thumbs Upa. The secret ingredient is your company’s corporate culture.  This is a gray area that could either help or hurt your ability to keep great employees.  For instance, a mundane work environment, even a standard work environment, could seem stale and boring to even the most low maintenance employees.  Compare that with a competitor that has flexible work schedules, catered breakfasts/lunches, free gym memberships, family outings, president club events, or fun monthly contests.  Some candidates could sway to either side, but which way they decide should be the type of employees you want to keep.  Having a corp culture and employee in alignment will help you cover some of the areas that might be out of range in either compensation or experience.


Hiring a candidate and keeping an employee is a balancing act. Think of a teeter totter where it’s the company’s job to keep the employee’s experience and their compensation in balance in the market. If something gets a bit out of alignment, then corporate culture could cover the gap for a period of time. However, over time, things should always be in alignment for everyone to be happy and if they are, then these employees will feel satisfied where they are when a recruiter comes calling.


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