5 Things A Recruiter Looks For

5 Things A Recruiter Looks For

A recruiter’s life is a struggle to balance day-to-day requirements along with the seemingly endless activity of reviewing resumes from thousands of applicants each week. Therefore, most recruiters, HR, and talent acquisition professionals devise shortcuts that help screen these resumes in record time.

Since we are a boutique recruiter and operate on a more custom level, we probably take more time than most in reviewing candidates. But, whenever we review resumes we always seem to zone in on the following 5 area to help us determine a quick yes or no answer:


This is one of those first impression roses that we all decide on when we open the attachment. How Is the formatting and spelling? This is a 50,000 foot view of the resume to determine if this is amateur hour or someone that presents well.


A short stay at jobs is a big red flag–several short stays is taboo. It’s understood that most people have encountered a job that just wasn’t the right fit, and a short stop is probably okay (preferably with a reason why). But many short stints are hard for us to defend and is hard to go to bat for when the assumption is that many other candidates are out there without this issue. Of course, there are some skillsets that makes this acceptable.



Here we’re now focused on their longevity in current and former positions? The customary belief is that reasonably long-term employment durations typically shows commitment to an employer and everyone on the hiring side loves that. Keep in mind that too long of a stay at a company could also be viewed as a negative. For instance, someone that has been at only one place for 20-years, the hiring company may feel that it’s going to be super hard to change their ways. Pretty ridiculous, but I’ve seen it.



We love candidate’s with a degrees from prestigious universities and so do our clients. We also love seeing advanced certifications and professional education. Anything that helps candidates stand out in a positive way is nice to see.



Awards and achievements, successfully achieving quotas or anything that helps the candidate stand out tells us that a candidate is special.


Every hiring manager has a different set of requirements and all companies are different. But these 5 items always play a major factor in whether a candidate gets to the next round of interviews or not.


The Marks Group is a technical recruiter that is hired by businesses to deliver precise technology candidates.  We are a recruiting leader in Salesforce. We deliver exceptional candidates in software such as Salesforce, Marketo, Adobe Marketing Cloud, HubSpot, Pardot, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Microsoft and more.

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