Building A Recruiting Niche In Salesforce

Building A Recruiting Niche In Salesforce

Salesforce Recruiter

Many of you already know that we dig deep into delivering the best Salesforce administrators, Analysts, Developers, Architects and Leaders for our clients.  I’m often asked why we have a particular focus, let alone in Salesforce. The short answer is that I really thought the software was engaging, crafty and cool — plus, the company’s vision (back in 2009) was exciting.

It all started by chance,  as I stumbled onto a search for a new client that was seeking a Salesforce admin.

This is Dreamforce!

Back in 2009, I had a new client desperately searching for a Salesforce administrator.  It just happened that the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco was coming up, so I quickly registered for the event and headed to San Fran to check it out.  I was like a kid in a candy store–there were thousands upon thousands of people at the Moscone Center for this conference.

After attending several keynote sessions I realized that I stumbled onto something fantastic.  Something that I could (and should) focus on.  I could really leverage my needle in the haystack search mentality and would be able to help multiple clients find the elusive Salesforce talent.  This was revolutionary for me as I opened my recruiting business as a “general” technical recruiter!

SFDC=Smart Candidates

What I found through my initial candidate searches are that you cannot just jump into one of these searches and expect immediate results.  SFDC candidates are sharp, wise and know that they are valuable.  There is a certain edge that these candidates have–they know their skills are needed and don’t jump from job to job without a proper amount of vetting.  General recruiters periodically get a Salesforce position to fill but are halted in their tracks as these candidates don’t just reply to flash-in-the-pan introductions.

I realized that building a relationship with these candidates would yield success for everyone.  It’s almost a matter of which came first the chicken or the egg–or in this scenario the job or the candidate.  By focusing on jobs and talent, we were able to parlay our jobs to our network of candidates and our candidates that are looking to our network of companies.  It sometimes seems like it’s all Salesforce all the time.  When we reach out to talent for a particular job, and find out it doesn’t fit their career goals, we are now able to make a note of that and later on match them with another opportunity when it arises.

It’s Been Seven Years!

Fast forward Seven years later, I’m fortunate to also have built an excellent network of candidates, clients and a great team that is capable of putting it all together.  Expanding our focus nationally has helped all aspects of our searches with finding the precise technical fit for each jop opening.  Our Salesforce specific website has helped us convey our commitment to this technology.   It’s been a fun ride, and we’ll continue to help the Salesforce community for a long time.


The Marks Group is a technical recruiter that is hired by businesses to deliver precise technology candidates.  We are a recruiting leader in Salesforce and in 2015 expanded our focus to include Digital Marketing nationwide. We deliver exceptional candidates in software such as Salesforce, Marketo, Adobe Marketing Cloud, HubSpot, Pardot, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Microsoft and more.

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