Company Relocation

Company Relocation

Local candidates always seem to be a top priority on a company’s wish list.  But at what point do these opportunities open up to candidates that don’t live locally?  Furthermore, I want to discuss what we see as it relates to relocation assistance.

In Our Experience:

Based on feedback from companies we’ve worked with, geography impacts their willingness to open the search to non-local candidates the most. If the company is located in the Bay Area or NYC, then it’s extremely unlikely that non-local candidates or relo will be considered.  However, when the company is located in a remote location the odds increase exponentially.  Often times, it’s not as clear cut as a big city or a remote one, rather, it’s somewhere in between.

Company RelocationEven when companies don’t want to consider candidates outside the local market, we’ve seen most open to candidates relocating back because of strong previous tie to the area.  For instance, someone that grew up in Portland who currently resides in Los Angeles and seeks to get back to Portland to be closer to family.  In most cases, no relocation assistance is asked or needed.

In fact, only a handful of our clients have ever offered comprehensive relocation packages. The days of helping to sell a home, moving expenses, 6-months rental, car, etc. seem to be over–unless you’re a top dog. These days, if relocation is offered at all, it’s often times handled in as either a signing bonus or higher salary.

What is your experience with relo?


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