Requirements That Change

Requirements That Change

Are there clear patterns to the recruiting and hiring life-cycle? Do hiring managers change their search parameters drastically while the search is ongoing?  I’ve been paying close attention to our searches and compared how well early requirements fit the candidates that were actually hired.  

The short answer: Searches always change but the requirements are mostly in line for who is actually hired.

Typically, searches begin with a thorough analysis of the company’s formal job description.  I’m not sure whose job description everyone copies, but the list of requirements are often absurd and the person they describe doesn’t exist. Job descriptions need to be shorter and should break down the skills that are critical for performing the job. There is too much noise and useless specifications in current job descriptions. Perhaps even just listing a bulleted list of the 3-5 required skills along with a list of other skills that would put the candidate to the top of the list.

Custom Search Scorecards:

On the recruiter side, we tackle the problem of a huge job description and too lofty of expectations with the use of a custom search scorecard. This scorecard weighs skills and requirements discovered during our search onboarding discussions, reviewing the job description and researching the history of the position at the company. We want to look for the critical must have factors that will lead to a successful placement and If the hiring manager doesn’t expressly discuss a requirement, it’s likely not a top concern. The issue is that it seems that many hiring managers don’t spend enough time upfront in building a realistic list and often times build their search criteria as they review resumes.  This practice is what typically changes the search criteria and often times will require us to revise the search scorecard.

Using the Scorecard as a Quantitative Resource

We noticed that as long as the candidate scores a solid 80% or above they stand a chance for being interviewed–and they should.  Criteria never mentioned becomes the icing on the cake and differentiates candidates from one another. It’s almost an A-HA moment when the hiring managers read the candidates profiles and all of a sudden an experience or qualification never mentioned becomes a must-have requirement.

The additional criteria added throughout the search often times ends up precluding the original candidates as the candidates coming through later have been sought out to already have these newly required skills or experience. This doesn’t always happen, but since we’ve incorporated our score card system, we’ve noticed our scorecard changing and hiring tendencies leaning towards the updated scorecard.  

Have you been involved in a search that changed from start to finish?



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