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You might be asking why does a technical recruiter offer sales recruiting services? The answer is actually simple. Since carving out a niche in Salesforce in 2009, we’ve entertained companies that erroneosly found us and figured that a Salesforce search was the same as hiring a sales force. Opportunity after opportunity went by and we finally realized that our process for finding top tech talent could be applied to non-technical positions and we started accepted these searches.

Now, having performed sales searches, we have the knowledge and understanding of what our clients are seeking and can utilize our search methodology to find and deliver individual or teams of sales candidates for companies nationwide. We have provided talent in seemingly all industries and for all sorts of solutions. If you’re looking for a custom sales search, give us a try and we’ll prove how a focused recruiter with the right search methodology can produce winning results.

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TMG Client
Jeremy Marks knows the Salesforce world very well. It has been eye-­opening and a relief to get his counsel on market factors affecting hiring in the industry. His keen judgment allowed us to get an economically favorable placement, and both sides were happy.

Salesforce client

TMG has a willingness to seek out and find the right solution to any problem. Was timely, responsible and provided value where others had typically fell short.
TMG Client

TMG navigated the waters of satisfying two Directors, two VPs, and a complex telecom service vendor relationship with balance and ease. They guided us from beginning to end …and in the end resulted in an Access Center that surpassed Best Practices in our industry.
Tech Client

TMG always understands the nature of my complex requests. Their breadth of knowledge in the technology field coupled with their ability to find the right people and solutions at the right time is second to none.
TMG Client

Thank you for working with our team and finding us our new Sales Ops leader!
Client in Palo Alto, CA

Thank you for working with our team and finding us our new Sales Ops leader!
Client in Palo Alto, CA

Thank you for working with our team and finding us our new VP of Technology!
CEO in Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for helping us find a Rockstar Salesforce Administrator!
NYC Client

I wanted to say thank you for having Amanda work on our search – she is amazing!
Bay Area Client