Search Plan Prices

We are a Contingency Search firm with clear, honest, fair pricing. Our fee is 20% of the candidates first year base salary if you hire a candidate that we present to you. We do not charge a startup fee or have any hidden charges and you only pay if you hire. We thrive in the contingency environment and endeavor to find you the ideal candidate for each search.

We offer a discount for exclusive contingency searches when we are the only outside agency assigned to the search.

Rate20% of first year based salary
ExclusiveNo (discount for exclusive)
Dedicated RecruiterY
Search PriorityHigh
Actively Market to Passive CandidatesY
Scheduled UpdatesY
Custom Candidate ProfileY
Custom Screening ProcessY
Reference ChecksY
Offer NegotiationsY
Backfill Candidates3 Months
Guarantee Period3 Months


The Marks Group’s unique scorecards system allows us to consistently and accurately assess and score candidates throughout our search. While some recruiters may make decisions on the fly, our scorecards system is time-tested and accurate, producing only the top, best-suited candidates for our clients.

Customized Position Description

The creation of a credible and compelling position description is critical for selling the opportunity to passive candidates – those that are extremely talented and likely a great fit but not actively looking for a new opportunity. We’ll work with you to ensure it’s agreed upon and on-target with our search goals.