What Hiring Managers Should Look For

What Hiring Managers Should Look For

There are always key areas that the hiring manager wants us to pay close attention to when we’re brought into a search.  Over the years, I’ve noticed a recurring theme and wanted to share what other hiring managers are focusing on these days.


We can present the absolute perfect candidate to a hiring manager but if their duration of employment at their previous companies is less than two years apiece, a big red flag is raised.  Why did they leave?  How come this happened to them three time in four years?  Even with a reasonable explanation, hiring managers often take a step away from candidates that don’t show longer duration of employment.  From the feedback that we see, plus or minus three years at each stop seems to be acceptable with anything less than two years of more than eight years raising flags of concern.


Ability can trump experience.  Many times the hiring manager wants a candidate with X amount of years performing a similar job, but they’ll often times hire someone that ultimately doesn’t have the years of experience initially required. Rather, they have enough experience along with an aptitude, background, and ability to get the job done.  They may even bring in other skills not mentioned in the job req that helped jettison them to the top of the candidate pool.


Not only are the companies looking at candidate experience and ability to get the job completed, they often times tell us they don’t want a candidate from XYZ company or that the candidate needs to be the proper corporate cultural fit.  I’m a believer that people typically can adjust to their surroundings and circumstances, but it’s important to bring corporate culture and style up to the candidates early on to make sure it’s something of interest.  The hiring managers sometimes simply want or don’t want someone because of where they have worked.


All the time we’re asked by hiring managers questions that ask “Why do they want to leave their current position?”  Many times this simply boils down to the candidates wanting to put their career back into alignment–whether that entails finding more or less responsibility, a mature or growing company, having more or fewer direct reports, the ability for upward mobility, work remotely, less travel and the list goes on and on.  Matching the candidate’s career goals with the prospective employers is critical and maybe more important than people think.

The above list is something that might not even be mentioned in a job description, but certainly hiring managers focus in on these and easily include or exclude candidates if any fail to meet their desires.  Candidates should also be truthful to themselves regarding these areas and try to find companies that need/want them for the qualities that they bring to the table.


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