Why Do Good Employees Quit Their Jobs

Why Do Good Employees Quit Their Jobs

There are many reasons why employees quit or leave their job.  Below, I’ll give you some of the top reasons.  More importantly, maybe shed some insight into the why which could strike a nerve in your company.

Maybe You’re Company Is The Problem, Not The “Millennials”

Nowadays, people like to categorize the generations of employees and take shots at the “Millennials.”  That word is contentious and it seems it’s used only by those 30-years old and up in higher level positions. Not many people would gladly say “I’m a Millennial.” That itself is interesting.

Back to the question about why employees quit their jobs.  Maybe, just maybe, the job or the company simply sucks!  Ouch!  Perhaps, it’s not an enjoyable situation and the enlightened workers of today aren’t interested in the same things as the prior generations.


Some Research On Why Employees Quit

1. Forbes Says

More concretely, Forbes says employees leave you because of your lack of Vision, they don’t have a connection to the big picture, there is no empathy, no motivation, no future and simply no fun.

2. Entrepreneuer Media Says

Entrepreneur Media says that many times there is a correlation between what managers do to make good employees quit.  These include overworking people, not recognizing contributions or rewarding good work, they don’t care about their employees, don’t honor their commitments, they hire and promote the wrong people, they don’t let people pursue their passions, fail to develop people skills, fail to engage their creativity and they fail to challenge people intellectually.

3. Inc. Says

Inc. says that employees leave their jobs mainly for advancement, for a better work/life balance and then for more money.  They further break down why people leave listing 5 deal breakers such as your boss doesn’t trust you, work expectations during off-time, difficult co-workers, boss blames you for mistakes and work isn’t flexible.


Just reading the above items allows me to draw some conclusions.  Employees are looking for a connection with the company and their manager.  They want their life to be in balance more today than ever.  They want to be valued, praised or rewarded for achievement and have a leader that has a vision to guide their organization to the promised land.

Is that too much to ask for?  How does your company stack up?


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