Why Don’t I Have Strong Candidate Flow?

Why Don’t I Have Strong Candidate Flow?

There are many reasons that could explain why you’re not able to bring in the quantity of viable candidates that you initially expected.  Here are some of the most common reasons we encounter:

  • Location
  • Required skills
  • Corporate and/or team culture
  • Company reputation
  • Compensation
  • Benefits

I’m sure that some of these resonate with you if you take the perspective of the job seeker.  When you’re looking for your next career move, these questions always rise to the top.  Some of these items are deal-breakers, others can be used to balance deficiencies in an offering.

candidatesIt’s obvious that being in a remote location will yield a shallower pool of candidates and you’ll have to leverage some of the other areas to draw the best talent.  But if you’re in the Bay Area and want a specific blend of skills, even though there is an abundant supply of candidates unless you have a strong company story, great location relative to the candidate and an outstanding compensation plan (base salary, stock, 401k, health ins, food, etc) you’re going to run into difficulties.  

Keep in mind that in order to keep an employee longer than 2-years you’ll have to provide at least the market rate – if not more – plus your corporate culture has to be a fit.


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