Why Specialize in Salesforce.com?

Why Specialize in Salesforce.com?

This question is often asked by colleagues, friends and family not too familiar with what goes on in the trenches for a technical recruiter. I never knew that I had a talent for finding a needle in the haystack until several years ago some co-workers pointed it out. Whether it was finding a unique software to solve a company’s needs or putting together a team of workers, invariably I was the one that came up with the solution.



So, when I started in the technical recruiting business I figured that companies would utilize my skill to fill their most difficult positions. What I’ve learned is that I could definitely find the “purple squirrel” as good as anyone else, but the way to better way to utilize my time and effort to maximize results for everyone would be to specialize. By chance, I happened to get a couple placement opportunities seeking salesforce.com talent and found out how difficult it was to find candidates.

I literally received a new salesforce.com job order and 5 days later flew up to San Francisco for something called Dreamforce. I was like a kid in a candy store–there were thousands upon thousands of people at the Moscone Center for this conference and after attending several keynote sessions I realized that I stumbled onto something fantastic. Something that I could focus on. Something that would utilize my needle in the haystack mentality and would be able to help multiple clients out with candidates at the same time. This was revolutionary!



What I found through my initial candidate searches are that you cannot just jump into a salesforce.com search and expect immediate results. Candidates are sharp, wise and know that they are valuable. There is a certain edge that salesforce.com talent has–they know their skills are needed and don’t jump from job to job without a proper amount of vetting. General recruiters periodically get a salesforce.com job requisition and reach out–but these candidates don’t just reply to flash-in-the-pan introductions.



I realized that building a relationship with these candidates would yield success for everyone. It’s almost a matter of which came first the chicken or the egg–or in this scenario the salesforce.com job or the salesforce.com candidate. By focusing on salesforce.com jobs and talent, we’re able to parlay our jobs to our network of candidates and our candidates that are looking to our network of companies. All salesforce all the time. When we reach out to salesforce.com talent for a particular job, and find out it doesn’t fit their career goals, we are now able to make a note of that and later on match them with another opportunity when it arises.

I’m fortunate to also have a great team that is capable of reaching out to the salesforce.com community nationwide. If you are a company seeking a salesforce.com employee or if you are a salesforce.com professional interested in finding a new job or even just finding out about the current salesforce.com job market, please reach out and let’s get in touch.



The Marks Group is a technical recruiter that is hired by businesses to deliver precise technology candidates.  We are a recruiting leader in Salesforce and in 2015 expanded our focus to include Digital Marketing nationwide. We deliver exceptional candidates in software such as Salesforce, Marketo, Adobe Marketing Cloud, HubSpot, Pardot, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Microsoft and more.

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